Revealed ! Secrets of Beautiful Long Hair

If you ask for the secret behind the long beautiful hair of a woman, she will tell you about some herbs or oil that she uses that has helped in promoting her hair growth.

And it is true. Down the ages, several herbs, oils and natural remedies have been known to be essential for hair growth and nourishment, especially at times when man made shampoos and conditioners were not available. While these products today are also made of natural ingredients, they also contain chemicals which nullify the effect of natural remedies on hair growth.

Hence, if you have long hair and would to make it grow healthy and beautiful, then here are some tips you can use at home to promote hair growth:

Egg – just like egg shampoo, natural eggs beaten and mixed in the hair are a better way to add egg nourishment to the hair. It is great for dry hair but is great for all types of hair as well. Though a little messy, you could use as much beaten egg as required without allowing it to drip and then cover up your hair with a shower cap. Once the egg has dried up in your hair, shampoo it off and you will be amazed to find the volume and body back in your hair.

Secrets of Beautiful Long Hair

Coconut oil – A hair oil which is used through the centuries in Asian countries is the coconut oil. To combat the humid weather and the sun damage as well as to provide nourishment to the hair roots, there is nothing better than coconut oil. It is a thick oil and you can massage it gently in your scalp the night before you shampoo or half and hour before you wash your hair. This oil can also be effectively used in a hot oil treatment. The oil is warmed and massaged gently into the scalp; then the hair is wrapped by a warm towel to hold in the effect of the hot oil. This is an excellent treatment for damaged, dry hair and keeps the hair moisturized and lustrous during the dry winter months.

Secrets of Beautiful Long Hair

And the list is endless – hibiscus extract, almond oil, curd, castor oil all have their benefits on hair growth and nourishment. Know your hair type and find the natural products which are best suited for your hair. Apply them regularly and see the difference in your hair!

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