Relaxo Treatment or Milk Straightening

Relaxo treatment or Milk Straightening- The new Methods To get Straight Hair


Relaxo Treatment or Milk Straightening The new methods to get straight hair, as mentioned multiple times on this website are many. The Relaxo treatments are done by salons, which include the chemical inducements into hair to maintain and give a straight look. The milk straightening helps as well for hair and is the more recent trend in straightening hair, as the ways of straightening are less damaging for hair, as the name may suggest.

The L’Oreal group of products have the range of Milk products that are light, hydrating and excellent for hair styling. From initially introducing itself as a product for getting straight hair temporarily, on application to widening its horizons by making hair straightening last for six months with the use of more advanced producst that got introduced for this purpose, the better bet would be the milk hair straightening as opposed to Relaxo or Extenso. Extenso started out to be the first treatment in hair straightening when it first was introduced and it became a rage and so colourfully popular with girls and women. Then came the Relaxo treatment to get straight hair and this was less chemically induced and this was very well taken to. The milk treatment for straight hair was introduce post that and is more recently introduced and is a favourite amongst many,

There is no doubt, that as an opinion of this site, that one can consider milk treatment for achieving straight hair as opposed to Relaxo as the ingredients and the manner in which there is treatment done to hair is less taxing on hair.

Milk straightening is a better option than rebonding or extensor. Rebonding, for those who are not aware of the meaning of the term, is also like an Extenso treatment, for straightening hair with chemicals.

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