Prom Medium Length Hairstyles

Not only are the costumes and accessories important to high school girls for their prom night, equally important are the hairdos that they adorn to give a complete look to their attire. Medium length hair is always easier to style and can be made to fit any facial shape. Therefore, medium length hairstyles are ideal for your prom night as well.

Prom Medium Length Hairstyles Here we provide you with a list of prom medium length hairstyles to choose from:

1. Classic Up-do – In a typically classic up-do, take your hair together and place it at the top of your head. Use a mild hairspray to hold it in its place.

2. Chignon – Make a ponytail and wrap your hair around a ponytail to obtain a soft bun, or a chignon. Secure it in place with a gel or a hair spray.

3. Half up-do – Put up half of your hair in a ponytail or a bun and let the rest fall.

4. Tight Bun – It is easy to work up your medium length hair to a small tight bun.

5. Medium length bob / Curled bob – These hairstyles are easy to carry and therefore ideal for your prom night attire.

6. Curls – An easier way to style your hair for the prom night is to simply add on some curls, you can have some soft curls, bouffant curls, or even side swept curls.

7. Messy Bun – it is not the norm that you shall be wearing only formal hairstyles at the prom night, one of the most popularly worn hairstyles worn here is the messy bun. It gives a right balance between formal and casual look.

8. French Braid – The French Braid is increasingly becoming a part of prom hairstyles. A hairstyle which can be easily experimented with, it can give you a traditional and yet trendy look at the same time.

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