Prom Long Haircuts

Are you getting ready for the prom? Once you have decided what to wear, you need to decide on the hairstyle that would go with it.

If you have long hair, then the options for hair styling are many. But of course, before you begin to style, make sure that your hair is in good condition. If your hair is full of split ends, of uneven length, then do go in for a haircut first. Get a good hair stylist to not only give your hair the much needed trim, but to also shampoo and condition your hair and give you some tips to care for your hair.

Then decide the look you want to achieve and ask your hair stylist how to go about it.

If you are going in for a curly look, then decide whether you want it permed into tight curls or large, loose curls or just some waves and flicks. This could be achieved by first cutting your hair into layers along the sides. Then get the hair permed, whether loose or tight curls and get the front hair styled accordingly. Curly hair can be worn loose and you need to keep your curls looking non frizzy. This can be achieved with an anti frizz cream.

Prom Long Haircuts

Then again, there are the hair updo styles. If you are wearing a dress which would be shown off best with an updo hairstyle, then do so. You could choose a tight bun or a soft bun like a chignon. This is achieved by holding back the hair loosely and twisting it around into a bun with a few strands hanging loose. This would achieve a great look and need to be held in place by a fashionable hair clip or like accessory.

Prom Long Haircuts

There are other styles that can be flaunted in a prom as well. You could let your hair down and keep it straight and sleek, or hold it back partially, keep it in waves or curls.

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