Products to Use on Hair Post Straightening

The products that one can use post hair straightening are products that can aid in protection, and more importantly, since it is post heat treatment or heat exposure to hair, the products that can be good for achieving a shiny and a good finish to the process for straightening.

Products to use on hair post straightening There are hair serums that are greatly popular for post straightening or blow dry , and people opt for using it post a wash as well. Whilst the serum helps in giving hair a shine and takes care of the frizziness, by smoothening out the hair, there are things and aspects about it that one has to consider. Serum is not suitable for skin that is sensitive or acne prone. And this has to be borne in mind before the choice of any hair product for usage post straightening. Even hair products such as lotions and post wash leave in conditioners are smoothening and good for hair, but not for skin that is sensitive as this aggravates sensitive skin and acne prone skin.

The products that one can also use for hair post straightening it, whether it is straightening hair via a hair iron or straightening via the treatments which have a longer lasting effect and impact, are products of the evergreen hair brands like Wella, L’Oreal and Bed Head (a branch of the famous TIGI-Tony and Guy range of products dedicated towards the betterment and attribution of hair). there are natural remedies of curd or yougurt mixed with a hint of honey or lime that helps in nourishing and removing scalp infections, such as dandruff to name one. But of course, yogurt cannot be used on straightened hair (the treated hair) immediately after straightening. One needs to wait for at least a month or two to do so!

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