Points to Understand Regarding Hair Loss

There are pointers that one needs to remember and keep in mind before assessing hair loss and they are as listed in a semblance below.

  1. Hair loss can occur due to a pool of reasons, a few which go as follows: stress, it is a big factor that plays a role in hair loss. Unbalanced diet- it is preferable to maintain a healthy diet and to avoid excessive oily food items or those that are high on fat and calorie content. Hair treatments and heat treatments to hair- wither straightening; perming; curling or any other heat related treatment of hair is damaging to hair and created hair fall situations. Hair brushing with vigour while hair is wet is a sure way to ensure hair fall. To avoid hair fall, one way is to avoid brushing hair while it is wet. Brushing hair while it is wet creates splitting if hair as well.
  2. Hair fall occurs due to any medication that is heavy like antibiotics that one may have taken without the supplementing of vitamins along with it. It is essential to assist antibiotics with vitamins for a balance on stomach and thereby hair as well.
  3. Hair fall can also occur due to overindulgence in food that is oily excessively, or even the over indulgence in your chocolate intake. This causes an imbalance in the hair follicles and causes therefore, hair fall.

Hair is after all a tissue and to grow tissue, one has to look after the input that goes in as well. Make sure to keep hair clean and dandruff free and dandruff causes hair loss as well. Select appropriate shampoos and conditioners. Make sure that not much serum and no serum at all (in case of oily or acne prone / sensitive skin types)

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