Perming Long Hair

Perming long hair is something that all those who have straight hair dream of doing. It is an unending paradox: those who have long, straight hair want it permed and those who have long, permed hair would like it straight.

Perming hair was a painstaking process in the older times. We have all seen those movies where the common sight was of ladies going to bed with rollers in their hair.

In recent times, perming is a much faster process thanks to the use of chemicals. Perm is short for permanent wave. It is usually achieved by the use of curling irons, long or short ones depending upon the length of your curls – whether you want them large and loose or tight, small curls.

Long, straight hair can be permed in a variety of styles. There are various options when it comes to perming hair:

Spot or weave perm – perm a desired section of hair

Root perm – perm the roots of your hair to add volume and style

Stack perm – perm the ends of hair

Spiral perm – to curl the hair around large rollers to give the hair boticelli curls

Body perm – to add waves to the hair length for larger volume and bounce

Perming Long Hair

Every type of perm has a different effect on the hair. As seen above, this type of curly hair can be achieved by the use of small rollers all over the hair. Perming is a process whereby curling iron is used on damp hair and a perming solution is added to the hair. The perming solution is kept on the hair for 1-2 hrs and then a neutralizer is applied. This takes off the effect of the perming solution and helps create the sulfide bonds in the hair which result in curls. Once the neutralizer takes effect, it is washed off the hair and the style is set.

Permed hair styles last 6-8 weeks after which regrowth of hair may loosen out the perms. Hence, a root perm may be taken to renew the permed effect.

For special occasions, you could go in for stack or body perm which would add waves or long, loose curls to your long hair and give you a distinct, new look to flaunt that evening or afternoon.

Perming Long Hair

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