Monsoon Trends That Are Revamped

Monsoon is a time when one feels the need to look after and maintain hair, lest it goes all over the place and is unreasonably unmanageable with the wind factor that is a given and a presence of it that happens in the times of the rains and the clouds and the monsoons to be encompassing. The monsoon trends earlier used to be the usual suspects- like the rain coats, umbrellas and the fancy ways to have and wear rain coats and tie hair up and usage of funky looking as well as coloured umbrellas too.

Now there are many new technological as well as creative forwards and fashion forwards at that too. For instance, one could not imagine a cell phone or a mobile phone, in other words a few decades ago. Now, not only is a cell phone the most commonly used item or product, there are companies that have introduced the dual cell phone facility as well, one phone and the usage of two sim cards and thereby being able to take two calls from two different sims and having a manageability of two numbers with the same instrument. Is that not creatively, technologically superb? Similar way, there are ways to wear umbrellas on hair now with the concept that has recently started for monsoons- umbrella hats and caps. Umbrellas attached to hats in a host of different and wonderful colours and combos or in words similar, combination of colours and shades on these umbrella hats and caps can give one a creative inclination to adorn hair different in monsoon months, long hair can be frizz free with the help of a good wash and conditioner of hair, as well as usage of these umbrella hats help for sure and is a good way to avoid having to carry an umbrella as your head has an attached one to its cap or hat, making one seem fashion forward in more ways than one. These are old looks being revamped for sure and in more ways than used to be perceived. These days, clips and pins have been revamped to make an impression and a lasting one at that, for hair that is long or any length for that matter, which can be worn with tied up (high tying of ponytail for long hair) and clips to adorn the sides of it. For more, read on!

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