Mens Haircuts

While cutting mens hair can be a rather simple task, so to speak; yet it really is not as simple where today’s men are concerned. And especially the metro sexual man, who is so much more aware of his appearance. He is so concerned about each strand that has been cut. In fact, he is so much more particular than women are. And after the cut the next couple of minutes are spent in observing minutely every section of the hair. If he is pleased there is a hefty tip and if not, then the barber or stylist has no idea what is going to hit him. That is the risk involved in the modern mens haircuts.

Earlier men used to maintain very simple and basic haircuts. And for most through their lifetime it was the same style. In fact, if one notices the stars of yesteryears, they maintain the same hairstyle, and till date, those who are still alive have never ever had a make over. They would insist on their character maintaining the same style. Well, to a large extent we can say that being a barber was easier way back then. And today it’s a tougher job. No wonder today’s stylists and barbers are paid so much more.

The trends followed by men are those that their icons don. And for this reason a man sits on his barber’s chair a couple of times in a year demanding a makeover. It is just as often as his icon has one done, he wants to follow his footsteps. And today’s stars have become more character conscious. They change their complete hairdo according to the character they are playing in a movie. In fact, rarely now do we see any actor maintaining the same style for two different movies, unless the character sketches are on the same lines. So it is not about mens short haircuts or long ones, its about what goes well with them and their overall personality.

However, keeping this in mind, the hairstylist cannot follow exact instructions where mens haircuts go. No matter how much one may want the same cut as a celebrity does, yet their hair texture and face shape have to be taken into account. If suppose the barber does follow instructions and the result is a disaster then there is big trouble. So if the star with silky hair has a particular style, it will stand differently for someone with wavy thick hair. And this is something that the stylist has to explain to the client. Also if the celebrity has a long face, and the client has a round face, the styles they can carry of will surely have to differ.

Like women, men also like following current trends and fads, but they need to keep in mind whether it does suit them or not. For instance, there was a time when models and actors started growing their hair. And more than half of the youth population began to follow suit. Not to mention the style did not even suit a minority of them. So, when advising and giving suggestions for mens hair cuts it is important not to give everyone tips on the latest trend, but instead of the latest trend options. Surely not every known public face would be growing their hair in this case!

Today a visit to the hairdresser or barber shop does not begin and with a hair cut or shave but it goes to other treatments too, which include hair coloring and streaking, pedicure, manicure, bleach, facial and head and body massage, as well as threading (a few men do get their eyebrows threaded). Most men aware of their appearance do tend to spend as much time, if not more at the salon as do the women. This is a good trend, as services like facial and pedicure and manicure help maintain better hygiene standards if done periodically.

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