Men Look Great In a Trendy Hairdo

Fashion among men is increasing day by day and men are becoming fashion conscious. Men can look more smart and charming by having a trendy haircut according to his facial structure. Young boys always want to have haircut like their favorite celebrity and for that they do so much f hard work and spend lots of time in a hair salon. Here are some trendy hairstyles for men that can change their personality.

Crew cut:

Crew cut:

It is a most popular military haircut and is very easy to maintain. In this haircut, hairs from sides and back are shaved off leaving short hairs at the top.

Buzz haircut with side cuts:

Buzz haircut with side cuts

This haircut requires least maintenance and looks very bold. To get this haircut, first of all get very short buzz haircut and then use razor to shave hair to get 2-3 straight lines. You can also do it at home.

Mohawk haircut:

Mohawk haircut

It is a classic hairstyle and needs little maintenance. This hairstyle looks cooler with long Mohawk. But it is little difficult to maintain this long Mohawk as you need hot iron to keep it straight and long. You can also use extra hold gel for this purpose. This hairstyle will look better by coloring Mohawk to pink, blue or green.

Wavy/curly haircuts for men:

Wavy/curly haircuts for men

Fashion of long hairs if increasing in men, so medium and long hairs with waves and curls look very stylish and sexy. You can get these curls with the help of a hair curler.

Faux Mohawk cool haircut:

It is a very stylish hairstyle and you don’t have to use any harsh hair products on maintain this hairstyle. To get this hairstyle, cut hair into short crops from the sides and just keep the middle hair longer. Then give style to middle hair using extra hold gel.

So, men can choose any of the above trendy hairstyles and they look very smart in these styles.

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