Medium Shag Hairstyles

The medium and layered shag hairstyles displays the apt haircut for today’s women. The styling is easy and one could use the plethora of gels and mousse to create the blow dry effects. Blow drying is a technique and the air shafts, brush and holding the dryer is a complete art which can be learnt. Firstly it is important to understand your hair type. If the short hair is growing and is becoming unmanageable, then morph into a makeover using the medium shag style.

Use bangs and retain the length backwards in a somewhat awry U cut. Choose a deep V at the back and go for the soft waves which is perfect look in evening gowns. Messy on purpose hair is a personal choice. One has to cultivate this look and not everyone can carry the same. Again the messy tousled look is just not about a casual attitude. The same can be used for formal happenings and the perfect accessorizing with get you the desired look.

Though wavy hair is the most suited for shag styles, one can always gel or spray the hair for the combination. Blow dry hair away from the face and if hair is thin then make it a point to back comb the hair and use the air shaft correct. Keep the crown hair high and the long hair can come from the crown area going in wisps till the nape of the hair. Streaking is not the right method but again for style one could use the bangs alternating in two colours.

Absolute black and straight hair has a beauty of its own. With medium hair go for uneven spirals, use fringes starting from the crown dropping over the forehead and longer hair touching your shoulders. Understand your face type to arrive at the correct length. Heed the advice of your stylist as this is a lifestyle haircut. Razor cut is usually employed for shag styles though choppy hair can also be done artistically with scissors.

Chop the hair well at the back, keeping the crown and face framing hair untouched. Trimming is necessary for shag haircuts or it will go real awry. Make sure to check for split ends as this is important to avoid damage. This length is ideal to combat hair loss as volume creation is achieved with careful arrangement of hair on the scalp. Hence this is utilized to cover the direct exposure of scalp owing to hair loss.

Allow hair to swoop on the side with the side swept bangs look. Men’s styles in shag haircuts give you an idea of the rock band days of the earlier era. Combine dress sense and footwear too in the retro fashion. Go for huge necklaces and chunky hand jewelry if your profession allows you the same. Teenage medium shags are much about style. The shag haircut does not require any accessory. It is leave-it-free and wild haircut and forms its own shape.

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