Medium Length Hairstyles for Square Faces

Square faces have the drawback of having prominent angular features, especially around the jaw line. The length and breadth around your face is more or less the same. Medium to long hairstyles suit this face shape the most as they move the attention away from this portion of the face. Adding more texture and framing produces attractive looks to this face shape.

Some of the best medium length hairstyles are:Medium Length Hairstyles for Square Faces

1. Long straight locks – You can have a straight ironed shoulder length hair parted in the middle, with very few long layers added at the end, with a middle parting.

2. Layered bob – A soft, layered bob hairstyle is ideal for square faces. Try and avoid blunt bobs, which would accentuate the square shape of your face.

3. Waves and Curls – Shoulder length soft curls or waves would mellow the sharpness of a square jaw line.

4. Bangs – Not all kinds of bangs suit square faces. The ideal bangs for a square face is long side swept ones that reach below the eyebrow in the front and are a bit longer near the ears. Again, straight shoulder length haircut accompanied with straight bangs till the eyebrows will give a more oval shape to your face.

5. Long layers – Layers starting from below the jaw line and continuing till the shoulders can also be suitable for square faces. They would look attractive when coupled with side swept bangs.

Styles to be avoided include:

1. Ponytail – A ponytail takes all your tresses away from your face and naturally accentuates the sharpness of your face. Hence it is not at all recommended for a square face.

2. Bun – Such is the case for buns as well. Although stylish, they are a strict no no for square faces.

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