Medium Length Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Oval face shapes are the best suited for trying out diverse hair styling on. Due to their perfect shape, that is greater symmetry across length and width, it is considered to be an ideal face shape. People with oval shaped faces can wear just about any hairstyle. You can choose from a whole range of medium length hairstyles to choose from.

You can experiment with styles like curls, waves, layers, etc, to bring out hairstyles for oval faces. Your attempt would be to try out hairstyles that keep your tresses away from your face and your features.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Oval Faces Some of the hairstyles that would suit your face shape include:

· Angular Bob – If you have a gorgeous bone structure, it is smart to wear an angular bob style to flaunt your jaw line.

· Side swept bangs – In case you have attractive eyes, you can complement your mid length hair with blunt or side swept bangs. These bangs over the eyebrows complement multi-layer shoulder length hair. It lifts up facial features and gives an all new refreshing look.

· Waves and curls – You can use styling irons at home to add natural waves to your tresses. Having bundled curls at the end of your mane is also an attractive way of styling your medium length tresses.

· Chignon – It is an attractive hairdo to wear on formal occasions. A simple chignon with a side parting keeps hair away from your face. It gives a refreshing yet sophisticated look at the same time.

· Ponytail – It is a convenient updo hairstyle to suit oval faces as well.

Hairstyles to be avoided:

Avoid blunt cuts or hairstyles with heavy bangs on the top of your face. It would cover up your features and at the same time make your face look more roundish.

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