Medium Length Hairstyles for Angled Faces

Medium length hairstyles are more suitable for people who have an angled face. Angled faces tend to have narrow forehead and cheekbones with a prominent jaw line. The natural purpose of haircuts is to tone down the not so good features of your face and to highlight the sharper features. Would it not be great if you could give an oval look by wearing a medium length hairstyle? It would round out your chin and give fullness to your face.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Angled FacesMedium length hairstyles to go for

Natural layers, medium length bobs, heavy fringes and shoulder length feather cuts are some of the medium length hairstyles that work wonders on angled faces. It is preferable to try and keep the length of the hair at least up to the chin. If you want to let your hair loose, try to keep it away from the eyes and ears. The hair tucked in behind the ears would provide prominence to the eyes.

Soft layers falling just on the jaw line and styled away from it would cover the jaw at the right place. To highlight your eyes you can go for side swept bangs ending diagonally near the brow would divert attention from the jaws to the eyes.

Shorter lengths would make the jaw line prominent, which is not desirable.

Hairstyles that are to be avoided

1. Try and avoid blunt bang cuts as they tend to pronounce the shapes of angular chins.

2. It is better to avoid full length hairstyles as well due to the fact that they draw attention to the jaw line. Heavy layers near the forehead and the temple would provide a balance and help to broaden your forehead.

3. Again, avoid the messy layered cut. The sharp edges of this cut make angular faces seem harsh and rigid.

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