Medium Length hairstyles for 2011

Medium length hairstyles have always been the most popular one because it is versatile, easily manageable and requires minimum maintenance. Like always, 2011 has been a year for medium length hairstyles as well.

We are here to help you with the top medium length hairstyles that you may don to make your long tresses all the more attractive.Medium Length hairstyles for 2011

1. Stylish Bobs – Bob cuts are no doubt a very popular trend this year. This does not however imply that all forms of the bob are in. Stylish modern and traditional are presently the two styles that are in vogue. You can add on some contemporary bangs and fringes to give a more complete look. However, as always, going by the trend does not suffice. You have to make it a point to see that the hairstyle you are wearing suits your facial shape. If you have thick, straight hair, you can also don the graphic bob, which gets highlighted with a thick yet blunt bang.

2. Soft or choppy layers – Layers in medium length hair are being preferred by women this year. That it can be worn by anyone irrespective of their age group, hair type and facial cut is the greatest advantage that works in their favour.

3. Bangs – Bangs are here. Layered bangs, side swept ones, baby bangs or blunt cut bangs – they are being paired up with any medium length hairstyle to add up to the jazzy and chic look.

4. Chignon – Hair updos are in and so is the chignon. A carelessly made chignon with a few strands of hair left loose in found to work wonders for square and angular faces.

5. Half-updo – Half of your hair made into a bun and the other half let loose to be decorated with some hair accessories, it is a retro style that is back with a bang in 2011.

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