Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

Bored of carrying the same haircut of long? Have mid length hair and do not want to chop it off? The least you need to do is chopping off those strands of hair in the forehead till the end of your eyebrows! And this stylish bang has done its job in giving your medium length hair a refreshing new look.


Types of Medium Hairstyles

Uneven, wispy, wavy or straight, you will have a whole array of bangs to choose from. There surely shall be one to suit your face, your age or for that matter the quality of your hair! Bangs are perfectly suited for medium length hair. A carefully chosen bang can give your medium length hairstyle a complete makeover – from simple to trendy.

1. Blunt cut with asymmetric bang – If you have straight hair cut into a blunt style, you could complement it with an asymmetric bang or a side bang – casual yet trendy. In case you do not want a bang to be too conspicuous, go for the parted bang. Either from the centre or side-swept, comb it and put it behind your ears. This simple hairstyle can you give you a sophisticated look.

2. Choppy bangs – Choppy, edgy bangs would add an extra glamour to your medium length haircut.

3. Blunt bangs / razor cut bangs – Blunt bangs, razor chopped bangs, combined layers or blunt cuts in your tresses can be styled accordingly to suit your face type.

4. Long side swept bangs – It complements medium length bob cuts and is suitable for women with squarish jaw lines.

Whatever the hairstyles, you always have the option of adding a little tinge of colour to the bangs, while your medium length hair retains its original colour. Alternatively, you could add different colour streaks to the bangs as well.

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