Medium Hairstyles for a Bride to Be

Weddings are the best time to flaunt your look as well as your hairstyle. If you are the bride-to-be, naturally you would apprehensive of the way you look. With themed weddings and marquee weddings becoming popular with time, you can get all the more experimental when it comes to doing up your hair.

Normally, brides are very apprehensive about the way they look. Here are some nice medium hairstyles meant for weddings and brides-to be! The bride can either choose to wear her hair down or choose a fancy updo with nice embellishments.

1) If you have nice and naturally curly hair then you can opt for this hairstyle where the curls are embellished with diamond stones. Small diamonds can adorn the mop of curls which is kept in place with invisible pins.

Medium Hairstyles

2) If you are planning a traditional white wedding, with a fairy tale theme, nothing can work better than this a hairdo where you leave your hair on your shoulders in soft cascading curls. If you do not possess naturally curly or wavy hair, you can get them set so with the aid of hot rollers. This is an ideal hairstyle for medium hair lengths since you get to enjoy the soft look created by letting your hair down. This style remains classic and never goes out of fashion. You can accessorize your hair with a nice tiara to make it look more chic.

3) A half updo is also a great idea for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. You need not worry as it blends with all wedding themes easily. You can choose semi permanent hair highlights to match your wedding dress or outfit for the day. You can even choose to use ironing rods for a straight sleek look or curling

Medium Hairstyles

rollers for those beautiful curls. There are hair attachments available at most salons which can also be used to adorn your hair. Bangs can be ideally mid-parted or kept to that side of the forehead which suits you best.

Medium Hairstyles

4) Well, just like diamonds are a woman’s best friend, Pearls are always great friends of good girls! Tie your hair into a loose bun and this need not be at the top of your head. It can even be a low bun if you so prefer. Now use beads or pearl pins to adorn your bun. A nice fancy tiara and you are all set for the wedding!

Medium Hairstyles

5) Natural flowers, especially which are seasonal are the ‘in’ thing now. You can use fancy flowers natural or artificial, to adorn this detailed hairstyle which includes curls, swirls, bangs and a small plait folded into a bun. Wear the flowers which match your bouquet or wedding theme and you will be sure to impress the gathering at any social do!

Medium Hairstyles

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