Medium Haircuts – Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium haircuts for medium length hairstyles are varied. Medium hair length is a favourite amongst women of today since it is a versatile cut and allows you to style your hair in a number of ways.

Look at some of the ways the hair can be styled at medium length:

A long bob hairstyle as seen here is a favorite of all. The bob cut is not exactly blunt but is tapered and layered at the edges. The parting on the hair is also haphazard creating bangs which are swept to the side. All together, this haircut looks very flattering for long or square faces with medium length hair.

Medium Haircuts - Medium Length Hairstyles

A more trendy haircut in medium hair length is as seen here. The short layered hair is cut in a choppy style along with bangs on top. The choppy hairstyle is very popular amongst young women which flaunts a uber cool look.

Medium Haircuts - Medium Length Hairstyles

This is another cool medium haircut in medium length hair. The hair is worn as a long bob with a middle parting. The hair is worn in long layers which cascade down to the shoulders. This is a cool hairstyle to be worn on medium length hair.

Medium Haircuts - Medium Length Hairstyles

A different look in medium length hair is the hairstyle seen below. The hair is premed into loose, large curls. The medium length hair slightly shortens in length when it is premed. Perming is done with strong chemicals which break down the existing structure of the hair and creates new bonds which results in curls. The front hair is partially done in middle parting and the hair in front is cut into bangs. The bangs are side swept. The resultant hairstyle with curls and bangs makes for an attractive and unique hairstyle.

Medium Haircuts - Medium Length Hairstyles

Thus there are various medium hairstyles for medium length hair which can be flaunted by women.


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