Medium Hair Cuts Techniques

It is not an easy task to maintain a wavy medium hair cuts most especially when time is not by your side. But there are some medium hair cuts techniques that you can use that can make you look plain, attractive and still showing a good sense of style.

Medium Hair Cuts

a. Always use shampoo for your medium hair cuts as it makes your medium hair cuts look shiny and healthy. Use a quality shampoo that will not cause scalp itching, dandruff, dull, hair loss, hard and sharp hair which will split eventually.

b. Immediately after the shampoo usage, apply hair conditioner to your medium hair cuts in order to maintain softness, smoothness and easy combing.

c. Always use hair masque for your hair at least once in a week. Use warm towel or shower cap to wrap your hair for 20 minutes. Ensure that you do not use scarf. Then wash and dry with towel. Place it under hair dryer to dry up or allow the medium hair cuts to dry up by naturally. Cream your hair or use serum to maintain hair moisture.

d. Medium hair cuts are very easy to maintain. Always trim your hair sides or edges and the back in every 2 to 3 months in order to maintain your hair shape and styles. Ensure you use shampoo after trimming and then conditioners to treat your hair frequently. Apply different types of hair bands for different styles. You can also use clips to make you look beautiful or attractive.

e. In case you love wavy medium hair cuts, you do not need any hair sprays to maintain or retain your hair waves just apply perm to the hair ends softly. Make your needs known to your hair designer in order to give you a style or design that you will not need to comb the hair ends.

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