Medium Hair Cuts for Straight Hair

As a matter of fact, the hottest hair style at the moment is having a straight hair style. Unfortunately, everyone can definitely not go for long hair for very many obvious reasons. Listed below are various straight hair textures you will need to fully understand in the process selecting best hair cut:

1. COARSE HAIR: This type of hair texture is the toughest when it comes to styling and required control if you want to use it for medium hair cuts. Through hair, you can detect the healthy nature of human being especially at the early time. This type of hair texture is thicker and frizzy when it is controlled.

2. SPARSE HAIR: Sparse hair is also known as fine hair. It is smooth and soft. It looks attractive in appearance and graceful. The look is calm, plain and peaceful. Most of the time, artificial hair needs to be attached to makes it look voluminous.Medium Hair Cuts for Straight Hair

3. MEDIUM HAIR: This is the most beautiful and most appropriate hair texture that you required. It makes you look elegant and attractive when you apply periodical cleaning with shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer. It can be easily maintained and styling is not difficult at all.

Another essential thing to remember when going for medium hair cuts for straight hair is your face shape. There are different types of face shape.

1. ROUND: a round face person should ensure that your hair should not be too closed to your face because the purpose is to make your face be just a little round face. Apply layers with fragile and narrow extremes to reduce the round face shape. With the application of bangs also, the round face will appear thin.

2. SQUARE: When your hair is shaped into irregular ends, your angular jawline will appear to be focus. The concentration will be too much if short spikes with long medium hair cuts are added. This makes you look totally attractive and look intelligent.

3. HEART SHAPED: Chin is essential in this type. The best medium hair cuts should be on the one that will draw the attention to your cheek and eyes and in case your hair is short, then let it be beyond the jawline but long hair will be at cheekbones but tell your stylist to make your medium hair cuts to be at chin level.

4. LONG: the medium hair cuts that suit the long faced shape best is the one that will not make your face appear too long but make your face appear wide. For instance, bob medium hair cuts at the chin level or the one with side brushed bangs makes you appear charming.

5. OVAL: any medium hair cuts done on this type of face shape will definitely look excellent and correct not minding the texture and the original head shape.image

Therefore, I provided to you all types of medium hair cuts styles. Now here are some of the hair styles that you should stay away from:

a. Hair styles that provide an illusion of height should be avoided by oval face shaped people.

b. Too long or too short medium hair cuts should be avoided by long faced.

c. One length bobs and blunt bob should be restricted by square face.

d. Heart shaped face should stay away from blunt bangs.

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