Long Shag Hairstyles

Shag haircuts seem wonderful on long hair. If you have thick lustrous hair, all you need a good side swept bang that falls across your forehead and an uneven cut behind. This is sure enough to create the magic and shows off your thick long hair well. Also there are so many trendy shag hairstyles and the snips and chops are well tailored for face types and many styles to explore with the razor hair cut for thin hair. Speak to your hair dresser and ask the type of shampoo or conditioner you would require to maintain the shag hair style.

Medium and very short hair cuts are manageable and this seems a better alternative to the bob or clichéd summer options. You don’t need that rock star ability to turn crowds but simple choppy shag cuts can do the same tricks. Hair cut is about the attitude talks about your personality. When people go for a makeover the sure sign is in adopting the haircut. The facial features, size of ears, neck length are taken into consideration inorder to give you the best cut. Shag haircuts suit all and one needs to understand few things about styling this type of hair.

Keep the hair long and add fringes. Change the parting of the hair and play with some arrangement. Shag styles are surely the messy ones and hence there is no need to elaborately go for a prim and proper image. If you have been having the long tresses for long then cut them in uneven style and use curlers to have those wiry tendrils. Use a mousse to add volume when you go for a party. Long hair is ultra feminine and allows more styling.

Razors are used to style the hair as the ends need to be tapered. One needs to remember that trimming the long shag haircut is necessary as it does cause fraying. Use a good shampoo and do not tug the hair. Long hair cuts also includes simple styles which retain the blunt cut on a oval or round face and the layers are framed in the kind out-turned hair.

Layers are the best option because they naturally fall in waves. For a different look you could seek the help of your stylist to use curlers or create a blow dry effect with the frayed ends.

Maintaining the long shag cut is a little tiresome though the effort spent in caring the hair will yield the best cosmetic results. Coloring shag haircut is again in monotone. Occasional highlights is good for the hair but again one should understand the concept well. If you have waist length hair and absolute straight hair go for the shag cut that does much justice to project a different image about yourself.

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