Long Haircuts for Angled Faces

When deciding to go for a haircut, you need to know the shape of your face. An easy way to do this is to draw out the outline of your face based on a photo of your face. If you have drawn out a more or less round shape, then your face is round shaped and you need to go for haircuts accordingly. If you have defined angles on your face, such as a square jaw or a square forehead, then you have an angular face and you need to go for hairstyles accordingly.

For example, if you have a pear shaped face with a small forehead and a wide chin, then you need to go for a haircut that would accentuate your forehead and draw attention away from your chin.

You could typically go for bangs or fringe cut with your medium or long length hair. If you are opting for fringe, make sure that the hairstylist cuts the fringe when your hair is dry and not vice versa. This will help to determine the length of the fringe correctly. The fringe should ideally fall in the middle of your eyebrows; as they grow longer, they can be swept aside like bangs. You could also opt for bangs which look great side swept or careless left to themselves. Try to reduce the wide chin effect by allowing the hair to fall into layers around the chin or below; avoid pulling the hair back from the chin since it makes the sharp edges of your face more pronounced.

Long Haircuts for Angled Faces


Angled bob – this is a great way to create a narrow look and for those who have a wide forehead, this can be used to narrow down the effect.

Angled layers – The end of the hair of a shoulder length bob can be cut into layers and made to caress the chin which would help to soften the sharp defined jaw line.

Long Haircuts for Angled Faces

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