Long Haircuts

It has been believed that long hair is a signature of womanhood. Interesting statement, but it does not hold that much of ground or water for that matter. Because in the good old days, in eras gone by even men kept long hair; as long as the woman did for that matter. And in some eras, especially in the European nations the men grew their hair longer than the women did. But, today its more of a matter of preference and need.

Earlier women had enough time to spend grooming themselves daily. They could spend hours in the bathtub and shower washing their hair with multiple natural objects. They would use milk, rose water, amla, shikakai, lemon, etc., all in the natural form to complete their hair washing ritual. Then they would dry it out naturally in the sunlight or then burn fragrant incense sticks close to the hair and let the wet hair absorb the scent from it. They would time combing their hair twice a day. And so the long hair was healthy and voluminous. Hair growth or hair fall was rarely a problem one faced, especially amongst women, whereas the men folk have had the balding problem since time immemorial, though it has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times.

The men did not spend that much time grooming their hair, but nonetheless the texture and quality of their hair was much better than what it is today. The minority of men around the world who can grow good hair are those who spend quite an amount on various hair maintaining products. Whereas then, like the women, men also used the natural things available.

Pollution and stress are two primary factors that have largely contributed towards the degeneration of the quality of hair. Today, there are primarily two sets of women who maintain long haircuts: Those who have the time and money to do so and those who come from conservative backgrounds that insist that the girls should maintain long hair, trimmed only to maintain the health of growth and texture.

Typically one can notice that South Indian and Sikh women grow their hair long. While for the latter there is no stated need to do so, for the latter it is one of the rules maintained in the scriptures. For the rest of the Indian’s, long hair has been a part of the cultural heritage that defines a beautiful woman as one with long hair, amongst certain other qualities.

However, for those opting for long hairstyles the most stylized option is the long layered haircuts. One can have multiple layers that begin with the bangs or fringes and is worked all the way down. However, this is not all that simple to maintain, as the shorter layers on top cannot be pinned back as easily. So, as another option of haircuts for long hair people go in for three or four longer layers. Those with poker straight long hair usually maintain one length hair, as their hair falls so flat that the layers can barely be seen. However, just for a changed look they may get bangs or a fringe done in front, or a couple of layers up in front.

Hairdressers feel that the easiest are the long haircuts, as less precision is required. In fact, uneven layers make the hair look naturally wavy and adds volume to the hair if styled well. Most stylist do enjoy the adventure of doing a complete makeover whereby the ladies long to short haircuts are done. The result seems like a complete physical transformation.

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