Long Hair Looks

Does tied up hair or open hair look better with long hair

Long hair is such a thing that there cannot be over-experimentation done, yet at the same time, there are many looks that look fabulous with long hair. Tied up long hair or Open long hair depends on the occasion or the situation. If a girl is going to a seminar or office, then yes, tying up her long hair is the most sensible and more importantly, it is more manageable at a workplace and is more appropriate too. Long hair looks good open when a girl/woman is out for an evening or afternoon with her friends for coffee or dinner- for instance. This is when a girl’s hair should be left open to add style and fashionista attributes to her look.

Clip and hair accessories

Jeans and a semi-formal top, with open long hair is a great look when a girl is out to a gathering. A formal jacket look will look best with tied up, neat hair that is not all over the place. Bangs can be tied up with pins (if there are bangs in the long hair cut), when a girl goes out to a formal meeting of any kind. Or then, bangs can be smoothened out to the side with hair gel as well.

Long hair that is left open and loose looks wonderful too. Straightened long hair looks chic and smooth, making many people turn heads because, after all, who does not admire long, luscious hair! Hair that is blow-dried inwards with bangs can be tied or loose and will provide the same impact, one that is voluminous and full. With all of the above stated, it is evident that based on the occasion, one can decide to go with tied up or open hair. They both look really good, and with a proper setting of hair, both these looks for long hair look even better and even grander! But if one has to really state the better look amongst the two- open or tied up hair, then for a general consensus, it would be open or loose hair, which is free flowing and can show the real texture and volume of one’s long tresses!

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