Long Hair Blues

Long hair blues- How to beat the blues and get the right hair moves

Long hair blues are the blues that one can easily get when long hair starts or feels drab, or is difficult or tough to manage and maintain. Long hair blues can be managed and maintained by the use of the right inductions, such as natural items for hair like curd or yogurt, as well as other items such as honey and almonds (almonds in the form of a paste or then almonds in the form of oil) and more items that help the nourishment of hair and also aids good conditioning of it.

Long hair blues can be beaten in the following ways –

Long Hair Blues – Application of hair oil in flavours of almond, coconut, amla and more, every fortnight for good and nourished hair.

– Application of curd or yogurt, along with honey for soft and easily manageable hair

– Combing and brushing of hair for circulation of blood in the scalp area

– Proper use of conditioners and shampoos that is suited to your hair type.

– Long hair can be tied in a plait or braided for easy comfort for maintenance of long hair, especially when travelling outside in the months of summer.

– Long hair can be conditioned naturally or in natural ways as well as in ways that are not exactly natural, but filled with the right nourishing factors for hair maintenance and hair manageability.

– Long hair can also be well managed with the right hairstyle, for instance, if hair is thick and voluminous, then a razored, layered hairstyle will help make hair more light weight and the feel of the hair will also be light and easy. Haircuts and hairstyles today change the whole dynamics of a person’s hair personality. When I say hair personality, I mean that hair can change a look of a person, as well as the personality of hair can range from one to another by a mere hairstyle or a haircut. This is a good thing as there can be diversity brought about to long and earlier, whilst long hair could easily have been termed or considered boring, it is not the case today. Long hair can look cool and funky as well. Whoever thought that long could also be turned around a 360 degree turn to look funky? Well, it can. With the right parlour/salon and the right hairdresser, many a hairstyle or cut can be possible with hair that is long.

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