Long Hair and Braids

Long hair and braids is a quintessential style that goes hand in hand. Long hair is best styled into braids which is a common style which can be worn everyday.

Braid, which is a hair style that involves grouping of hair strands and plaiting two groups with each other, can be carried out in a variety of styles. Braids come out best when the hair is long. Also, long hair when left open for long tends to develop spilt ends. Hair may break in parts and becomes dry and brittle. This can be prevented by braiding the hair. Not only is it a style to flaunt but is a healthy way to wear the hair.

Braids can be worn in a variety of ways:

There is the traditional way of dividing the hair into two parts at the back. Then the two parts of the hair are taken up and plaited together and the end is secured with a pretty ribbon or a rubber band.

Long Hair and Braids

Braids can be made into decorative headbands. In that case, the hair is front is plaited and worn as a natural headband. Then again, there are the French or Dutch braids. These look elegant and classic though it is time consuming to plait single strands of hair as is done in French braid.

In the picture shown below, the hair is braided from the side amongst straight hair strands. The plaited strands are then pulled into a bun which also includes single hair strands. This is a hairstyle which is unique and includes braids as a hair accessory.

Long Hair and Braids

Braids can be worn in interesting ways – either as a thick single braid at the back or two braids wound up in a schoolgirl style; again, the braids can be worn as stylish evening hairstyles as seen above. Hence, braids are an essential hair style for long hair and the more you wear your long hair in a braid, the more it will remain healthy and stylish.

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