Long Brown Wavy Hair

So you are a busy woman with beautiful long brown hairs, but unfortunately do not have the time to style your long brown wavy hair. Well no issues, in such case we have pretty quick solution for you’re the wavy hairstyle for long brown wavy hairs. This wavy hairs style will give your hairs a good makeover along with a wet and wavy look and most importantly in a very short time and with easy hair maintenance. Here are the tips to style your long brown wavy hair and giving them a new look:

Long Brown Wavy Hair Once you shampoo your hairs and when they get dry then simply part them from the middle or from the sideways. Make use of some cute hair accessories like pins, hair bands for making your wavy hairs more manageable.

  • Make use of lightweight wait shampoo and avoid the use of any chemical based conditioner.
  • After they get dry, use spray like surf spray or beach one on your hairs, this will give a dusky look to your long brown wavy hair.
  • Now move your fingers in your hairs from root to the tip to style your hairs.
  • If you are looking for heavy waves then you need to divide your hair into 6 to 7 section and then twist each of the section into loose bins and tied them with bobby pin.
  • Take out the bobby pin after 15 to 20 minutes and now finger comb to give heavy waves.
  • You can also make use of curling iron to fix the hair sections which do not have the desired wavy shape. To get the relaxed and the good definition of waves for your long brown wavy hairs you can also make use of some hair products for holding the style for longer period.

It is easy to style your long brown wavy hairs and you can do it by following the mentioned tips.

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