Long Bob Haircuts

There are many funky bob haircuts as the main effect of a bob hair cut is that it adds to the spunk in a person. Bob styles look good on a pair of trousers, on a short black skirt and also in a gown. Though it is necessary to run through a few glam magazines or trend setting pages so as to what kind of styling is in vogue. For a woman who loves her hair and more so who is keen on hairstyling bob hair cuts are the best bet as a simple blow dry can transform the personality.

If it is been long that people have seen you with that long silky hair then bob haircuts give a totally different look. This is also good for girls graduating from schools and also other who have had that pig tail for a long time. A sleek long bob hair cut is suited for shiny hair. One can colour the hair in browns or maintain a jet black hair. For a classy style velvet violet is also fine.

Bob haircuts certainly throw more attention to the facial features. If you have features like big round eyes or a pudgy nose then it is best to suit an A line long hair. Long from behind and short to cover the ears is the classy look and suits youngsters and also school children. For the more adventurous types it is better to go for asymmetrical cuts using a razor. The only thing one needs to bear in mind that long bob haircuts allow you more versatility in terms of styling and allow you to cut the hair further when needed.

If you have long neck and a long face you could sport some even length bangs upto your eyebrows and keep the hair long to come over your shoulders. This leaves hair around the chin and shoulder thereby making the face to appear full. The right make up can also help you to flatter the best feature in a long bob haircut as there is more attention on the face.

Overtly stern features can be modified with a long bob haircut. There are soft cuts in waves and steps in three layers that soften the facial features. A pouted lip colour can also work to make the face angelic which is necessary while wearing an evening gown. The idea is to practice with curlers, gels and partings. The combination of the entire look is essential to make the long hair cut effective.

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