Layered Shag Hairstyles

Sedu hair cuts, bob styles, medium wavy ones and the long flowing tresses all speak volumes when adopted with the right cut. Lifestyle is of importance when you decide on the hair cut. It is to be remembered that cutting hair wards off the split ends that end in damaged hair. The choppy shag hairstyle would be a great makeover if for a long time you have been having the traditional girlie hairstyles.

Layers at the crown and snips are the main ingredient of the shag haircut. This is a fuss free hairstyle and sported by people in all walks of life. Side swept bangs can be a bit unmanageable for the office culture though there are striking styles in the shag styles that are perfect for office decorum. The ideal length for shag style is between the shoulders and the chin. Actually the symmetry is better when judged as per the whole personality put together.

Formal and casual attires can sport shag hairstyles and all it calls for is a bit of re-arrangement. The layers start from the crown of the hair and can go uptil the nape of the neck or going down the cheeks to the neck. The style gets awry and it is better to keep snipping the ends to maintain the hair cut. Layers add volume and hence this is perfect for thinning hair.

Long layers can easily be converted into shag styles and this makes much difference to the appearance. This is somehow not suited for extremely curly and wiry hair. Though curlers are available to curl the straight hair, a more natural look will to flip the hair with the right snip.

Though there is no particular face type that will suit the shag style, one has to flip through a lot of options to arrive at the right cut. There are amazing haircuts in shag styles for kids and teenage cuts. Teenage hair is healthy and grows faster. Teenagers love to experiment and one could have that long shag behind which is well tapered and go for a razor crown cut all over the crown.

The shag hairstyle also grows in uneven length and one would actually have to wait till the hair is of suitable length. This offers the next styling easy with short bobs or medium even length. Shag styles are carefree and mostly are low in maintenance. A mousse or gel can be used for styling. It is a better option to also let the hair breathe with towel dry method.

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