Layered Celebrity Haircuts

One-length hair doesn’t go well with everyone. Layers are versatile and require little effort to have that amazing chick look to look amazing. A few basic layers can add some swing and bounce to the hair, especially when they are long. Layers add body to flat hair, texture to thick hair and control to curly hair.

Layers should be cut in the front to frame the face. For short hair, don’t allow the stylist to cut layers above the eye. For a longer version, never allow layers above your earlobe.

Layered Celebrity Haircuts

Before zeroing in the hairstyle do check out our compiled list of layered cuts:

The celeb`s thick hair have been straightened and ironed using a smoothing serum and a flat iron. They have then been layered as planned. A neat side parting with hair falling over her ears gives her that gorgeous look.

The hairstylist has given a blunt bob that is slightly angled up on the sides, giving a layered cut appearance. Her center has been parted with the remaining hair milling into a smooth procession that tips her shoulders.

The celeb has worn her long her which cover her shoulder blades in a bulk of waves which lead to round curls towards the ends. Her layers which begin around chin level provide volume and dynamic motion to her length.

The actress` top portion of the hair is smoothened and rests on her bangs while the remaining portion of the hair falls down in layers covering her ears. Her hair has streaks of black in the golden color which makes her long hair look gorgeous.

The star has her black hair neatly parted in long layers. Her long hair forms waves which cover her ears with part of her hair meeting the back while remaining falling over her shoulders.

Tip: Layered hair lose some shine after a certain period of time, hence regular maintenance with trimming to keep it bouncy and shining is a must.

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