Layered Bob Haircuts

Many times hair is used as a standard to judge health. Hair is normally made of protein and a simple potato juice extract can add up shine to your hair. Include a lot of protein high soya, sprouts and lentils in your diet. Natural consumption and organic variety is the best for healthy hair. Hair fall can be treated and hair health is in your finger tips with easy herbal oil massage.

There are choppy bob haircuts and one that contains layers. The layered effect is mostly chosen to maintain a much feminine look and this is essential. Basically the hair is cut in layers of two or three and the length is pre determined going by the face shape. The length of the waves or layers is also depending on the volume of hair and layers. Most times this is also taken as a good idea to keep the length of the hair as shoulder or chin and then play around with bobbed layers.

If one has a long face or a typically long nose, keeping width and layering it with short curly layers can take away the highlight of the long nose. This is also done for extremely thin hair when hair can look listless if cut in any other way. Layers can easily get into knots and hence shampooing with conditioner is very important. Wide and very wide toothed comb of good quality is perfect for combing layered hair cuts

Understanding your hair type is also necessary. If you have scanty and thin hair then a soft perm or use of curlers becomes necessary. There should be care taken not to expose the scalp while styling the hair. If the hair by itself is voluminous then this can make a puffy face look older. Bob hairstyles have a lot of style gimmicks to explore. Single layers can also be done to used middle parting front short bangs that actually give more symmetry to the eyebrows and nose bridge.

Layers are very feminine and if one is not willing to cut the hair as a real bob then it is best to go for long hairs. The cut can come up to shoulders or form a curl around the ears but the idea would be to not startle others with a complete makeover. Haircuts are much about face shapes and highlighting the right feature. Hence consult a good expert and take your hair seriously.

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