Latest Trends in Celebrity Haircuts

Both men and women want whether of yester years or today want to live an up to date life. They take utmost care in selecting their clothes, shoes and makeup which suits the occasion they have to attend, be it parties, weddings or other functions. The one factor which they however miss out or compromise at times is their hair do.

If you take care in accessorizing your self in a best possible manner, why leave hairstyle behind?

Latest Trends in Celebrity HaircutsMost people admit `time` as the factor for not maintaining proper trendy hairstyles. However, more often than not, it is not the time but prioritizing which works.

To save your time at your favorite salon, we have taken an effort to put together latest hairstyles:

The star has sported simple subtle layers which are cut around the sides and back. The stylist has encouraged the movement of the natural waves from the mid-lengths to ends. The hairstyle suits women having round, oval, heart, and triangular

The hairstylist has cut short the back and sides close into the head, meanwhile the top layers are worn up high with the help of strong hold products. This hairdo requires regular trims to maintain the proper shape

The actress has adopted jagged cut layers which give a defined edge which makes it easy to style out for a beautiful finish. This look is best for those with long face shapes.

Keeping in mind the softness and sexiness as the theme, the hairstylist has added gorgeous waves from the mid-lengths to ends of these locks to which provide a good bounce and movement for a splendid look and feel. This hairstyle is suitable for any day or night occasion.

blow-waved smooth showing off the contrast of colors which spices up this simple look. This long bob is easy to maintain with regular trims every 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends and keep shape


Don`t cringe over the time (close to 20-30 mins) the hairstyle takes if you want to look your best at a particular occasion.

Do not forget that regular trimming, oiling and shampooing for keeping your hair healthy.

Also, don`t forget to ask your hairstylist for a couple of extra options to select from. If time permits, you can always surf the net or go through some fashion magazines. This takes only a few hours of your extra time from your schedule. After all, its only about prioritizing!

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