Latest Bob Haircuts

I doubt bob haircuts have ever been out of fashion since their inception. The driving force behind bob haircut redesign and transformation seems to be in the hands of celebrity stylists. They are the ones that style a celebrities hair and once the style is seen by millions and people acknowledge how good it looks it then does its transition into use by the public at large. Following are a few bob haircut styles that we have noticed lately and we are sure to be destined to be iconic favourites by the public at large in the future.

The Blunt Bob

This bob takes the cake in terms of simplicity, maintenance and looks (comparative to the effort spent maintaining it. This bob is pretty much a basic square cut (with some layering) everywhere except the fringe. The fringe itself is layered so as to not give it a square shape and in order to soften it. Rather than giving the cut a straight or stream line look – it in fact gives a nice casual look.

The A-Line Bob

While it may be more difficult to maintain than the blunt bob – it is still a very simple cut. Better suited to those of us with straight hair, this particular bob does not use a fringe at all. It is styled with a uniform length around the head so that the front of the hair can be parted in order to frame the face.


Bangs are back, baby. This works to frame the face much in the same way that the previous one does. However, it differs in the sense that the hair is not cut uniformly all of the way around. There is a fringe. It is essentially a cross between the first two bobs we covered in the article.

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