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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a process of permanently removing the unwanted body hair by making use of light energy from a laser. This process is designed for the removal of unwanted hair in women and men. The unwanted hairs on the body parts are common problems and the temporary methods like Shaving, waxing, and tweezing leads to only temporary results. Moreover, the temporary methods restricted to only few specific areas. However, the Laser hair removal treatment is used for permanently treating and removing the small as well as large areas of unwanted hair from the body. The best results of the Laser hair removal is seen in persons with light skin and dark hair. Also, the hair removal works well with coarse hair instead of fine hair.

During the process of Laser hair removal, the area is shaved and cleaned. It is followed by applying an anaesthetic cream over the targeted area. Then laser is applied for removing the hair. The laser produces the pulsed beams of highly concentrated light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles leading to the damage of surrounding follicle. During this procedure, the laser targets dark pigment known as melanin in the hair and when the laser beam strikes the hair follicle, it gets destroyed by its intense heat. The procedure mf laser hair removal may be uncomfortable, although it is not painful. The length of a laser session extends from few minutes to an hour and it depends on the size of the treated area. The person may get the redness and swelling in the affected body area but that is short lived and go away. In fact, people can resume their normal life almost immediately.

The laser hair removal treatment can be used on any part of the body including the face, Chest,

Legs, Bikini area, Back and Pubic area.

Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal treatment technology is relatively new in the Indian market and provide a method of quick, effective and painless permanent hair removal of unwanted hair from any part of the body. Before the use of this technology the range of hair removal products in India was limited to hair-removing creams, razors and wax, which is traditionally sugaring rather than beeswax in India.

The benefits of laser hair removal as compared to the other methods of hair removal have been so advertised that many people in India now prefer to opt for this mode of hair removal. However such treatments are not suitable for everyone. There are many factors to be considered like skin colors, skin types, etc and only professionals with proper expertise on the subject of laser technology should offer this service.

In addition the cost of laser hair removal can be very high and treatments are not always completely effective. Therefore while sessions can cost upwards from Rs 3,000 at most clinics, these do not come with a guarantee of completely eliminating hair growth.

Different laser clinics and salons offer different kinds of laser hair removal techniques and such techniques may involve the use of different kinds of laser hair removal equipment. As technology is a rapidly expanding field, many forms of laser hair removal techniques and equipments are already outdated and obsolete.

Hence a consumer must equip himself or herself with adequate knowledge about different techniques of laser hair removal before selecting a clinic or salon to patronize and usually treatment at a salon is much safer than getting home laser hair removal.

The cost of the treatments would also differ from clinic to clinic or salon to salon and one should not assume that cost of treatment is a measure of quality of the service or degree of expertise. The cost of laser hair removal treatment usually is directly related to the size of the area being treated.

Laser hair removal works best for people with dark hair and light skin. Few people realize that dark-skinned people may absorb too much laser energy into their skin and hence should not opt for this form of treatment as it can result in health problems later. Usually professionals will not even work on tanned skin. One must wait for the tan to fade off before getting such treatments.

Conversely, light-skinned people are ideal candidates for laser hair removal. The lighter the skin, the fewer the number of sessions required to eliminate hair growth. In addition, consumers must be wary of the fact that different skin types also require different kinds of laser hair treatments. Hence it is necessary for the practicing professional to personalize and alter the laser hair removal treatment on an individual-to-individual basis.

Again, people with dark hair are easier to treat as dark hair -like dark skin- tends to absorb more laser energy. And coarse, dark hair is best-suited for this treatment. The lighter the color or the texture of the hair, the more difficult and lengthy the process of laser removal becomes.

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    I mean what is the science behind it and how does it actually remove the hair? I don’t want to wax because I always end up having ingrowing hair. Will hair removal cream also cause ingrowing hair? What are the negative side effects that hair removal cream has because I read that it screws up your skin?

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