Laser Hair Removal – Sessions

The number of sessions required for the Laser Hair Removal depends on the various factors such as skin type, skin colour, area of hair growth, density of the hair and other reasons. The multiple treatments usually last for typically 6-8 sessions that are 8-12 weeks apart. It will lead to permanent removal of hair in majority of the body area being treated. The current parameters suggest a series of treatments on the basis of typical hair cycle patterns for every area. The number of sessions required is based on various parameters such as skin colour, coarseness of hair, area of the body treated, sex of the person and reason for hirsutism.

Laser Hair Removal - Sessions It is easier to treat the coarse dark hair on light skin and the darker skin is harder to treat. The fine hairs are seldom affected. There are certain areas that need considerable treatments for achieving the desired results. Moreover, the hair grows in various phases including anagen, telogen, and catagen. The treatment of laser is effective only current active growing follicles called as anagen. It takes many sessions for killing the hair in all phases of its growth. Laser is not very effective in cases of light-coloured hair and fine and vellus hair of any colour. For those types of hair, Electrolysis provides the permanent solution.

There are various intervals between the sessions and duration of such intervals depends on the body area and length of hair cycle in that area. These treatments are usually spaced 8–12 weeks apart. In case of removal of facial hair, the more number of treatments are required while the legs hairs need fewer treatments. One should experience the shedding of the treated hairs before going for another session and it may take 2-3 weeks for the effects to be seen.

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