Laser Hair Removal – Preparation

Laser Hair Removal - Preparation The preparation of the Laser Hair Removal treatment takes into consideration many factors that help in the procedure of laser hair removal. You should try to keep away from sun rays in the weeks $preceding a hair laser removal session. It is because the tanned skin is a contra-indication for the treatment. In fact, the darker skin will absorb more laser energy during the treatment. Thus, it will render the procedure more painful and more laser energy is absorbed for damaging the skin. People who are taking medication should tell all the details to the doctor as some drugs may reacts with laser light and in that case the laser treatment needs to be postponed.

You should take into account your natural hair and skin colour prior to sign up for laser hair removal. The treatment works best on fair-skinned people with dark hair. In case you are tanned or possess a darker skin tone, then more laser gets absorbed by the melanin pigment located in the skin and its effect in damaging the hair follicle gets reduced. It limits the effect of the treatment and may damage the skin. Also, the tanned skin in the light-haired people also does not give good results on laser hair removal even though their hair contains little melanin.

In fact, there are three or four treatments in the time span of six to eight weeks is required for achieving the effective reduction in the hair and hair growth in the treated area of the skin. Once you are done with the treatment, you need to wait for almost a year to see its complete effect. Usually the Hair growth cycle is about six months long and one needs to see the effect of laser hair removal for a year. In case you are going for removal of facial hair, you should not shave at least a week before the treatment.

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