Laser Hair Removal – Post Treatment Care

The after effects of laser hair removal are usually temporary in nature and one can resume the normal activities immediately after the treatment. The recovery time for this treatment is very less. One can really take care of his skin well after laser treatments so that to achieve the maximum results during and after the treatment. Once the treatment is over, the skin may become slightly red in the treated area and it gets swollen. You can also apply cold compresses on the skin surface for soothing it. Normally the sensation disappears after few hours and in some extreme cases, the skin will take day or two to return to normal state.

Laser Hair Removal – Post Treatment Care In fact, the speed of recovery of the skin to normal level depends on the skin sensitivity level, and the amount of laser energy exposed to it for the removal of hair. The skin of some people requires more energy for achieving successful hair removal as compared to others. This skin takes longer time to recover. In fact, it is not really necessary to take time out to allow skin to recover and patient may resume his daily work immediately. You can also use a mild cleanser for cleaning the treated area however you may avoid strong soaps that leads to drying of the skin and perfumed soaps that may cause irritation to the skin.

It is recommended using the emollients and topical corticosteroid creams for keeping the affected area moist and reducing the redness and swelling. In case there are blisters and crusting, one needs to contact the laser clinic for taking advice. Any blisters and crusting can be readily treated with daily soaks and antibiotic ointment. For severe blisters and crusting, one should not continue with the future laser hair removal sessions.

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