Laser Hair Removal – Post Treatment Care 2

It is recommended using sun screen on any treated areas that are exposed to the sun. One should take care to minimize the exposure to the sun of the area being treated before and after Laser hair removal treatment. The exposure to the sun leads to irritation and burning on the treated skin areas. Moreover, any darkening of the skin those result due to the exposure in sun can affect the results of any follow-up treatments. One should take care to apply a good and suitable sun screen in case the skin is exposed to sun. The recommended Sun screen is one with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Laser Hair Removal – Post Treatment Care You should take care to not shave the treated area for avoiding any complication. It is because the shaving of treated skin can results in irritation of the skin and slows down the skin recovery post treatment. One can resume the shaving after some time that is usually 4 days after the procedure and after consultations with the physician. It is advisable to not go for waxing, bleaching, plucking and tweezing any time during laser hair removal treatments. It also includes any time between the treatments. These processes that cause the hair removal promote skin irritation. It is also successful for future laser sessions where the hair follicle contains the pigmented hair. The pigmented hair absorbs the laser light and assists in damaging the hair follicle.

You can go back to your practitioner after the treatment after a week or so to see how your skin is improving. Practitioner will analyse the results of the treatment and notice how the hair and skin are treated. You can consult with your practitioner and tell him about any complication you are facing. You can also take valuable advice regarding the skin recovery and care.

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