Laser Hair Removal – Permanent Side Effects

Once a patient undergoes Laser Hair Removal treatment, he can experience permanent side effects. However, it is possible to minimise these side effects by taking precautions and getting the treatment done from experienced practitioner only. Some of the permanent side effects experienced by the patients after the treatment include the following.

Laser Hair Removal - Permanent Side Effects Skin discoloration – It refers to the permanent lightening of the skin in the affected area. The laser functions by targeting the pigmentation in darker coloured hair, it can also affect darker coloured skin also. There is no clear idea regarding how the skin lightening takes place but indications reflect that the laser leads to the destruction of melanocyte pigment producing cells of the skin. The skin discoloration can be permanent although it is very slow in some of the cases.

Burns – Burns are another major side effect of laser hair removal. However, it is possible to reduce the chances of burn by careful performing the steps of laser removal. The occurrence of burns is rare and they are more of accidental in nature when performed by less qualified technicians. The burns can be painful, but it can be healed with proper care.

Scaring – Scaring is usually observed in the cases when the area is treated by minimally trained practitioner as a matter of accident. It results from severe burns due to inappropriate use of laser hair treatments. In fact if the intensity of the laser light applied for hair removal crosses the limit that can handle by skin then it leads to burning deep in the skin dermis. It is later healed by the skin by forming a scar. Although the Laser hair removal is a safe treatment however there are some temporary side effects, including lighter or darker marks, in tanned and dark skins.

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