Laser Hair Removal – In Dark Skin

One of the major factors to be considered while using the Laser Hair Removal is the patient’s skin type and hair colour. The degree of contrast in colour between the hair skin and colour is also useful in determining the procedure of Laser Hair removal and the type of laser to be used. The differential absorption of melanin in the skin epidermis and melanin in the hair follicle determines the amount of laser energy for safe usage. The patient should have light skin with black hair that presents a very sharp contrast. It happens when there are many pigments in the hair but very less pigment in the skin. A patient with dark skin with white or grey hair shows little response to laser hair removal and they are not recommended to pursue the laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal - In Dark Skin There are some forms of laser that are very effective in laser hair removal for people with dark skins. For example, the shorter laser light wavelengths like ruby laser that has wavelength of 694nm, and alexandrite laser with wavelength of 755nm should be used with caution in darker skinned patients as it may cause the risk of hypo pigmentation, pain, and blistering. The Dark hair actually absorbs the laser light better as compared to blond or red hair. However, generally patients have blond or red hair along with lighter skin that permits the safe usage of higher laser energies. There is no device available currently that works well in patients with grey hair due to absence of melanin.

You should try to correct the underlying cause for the excess hair such as endocrine abnormalities and medication effect such as oral contraceptives, minoxidil, steroids, and others immunosuppressive agents. Any dark skinned candidate may experience bad outcome and require far more treatments as compared to other two skin types. Also, if the person skin is dark, he will experience less beneficial results. Darker skinned candidates should get their laser hair removal done from the experienced and talented practitioner only.

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