Laser Hair Removal – Alexandrite and Diode

Alexandrite (755 nm Wavelength)

Alexandrite laser is regarded as the fastest of all the laser types and it is also good for treating the larger body areas in patients that have light-to-olive complexion. It is regarded as the most widely used hair removal lasers today. This type of laser is suitable for skin type I of Fitzpatrick Skin Type that refers to light skin tones. Some of the advantages of Alexandrite laser hair removal includes its

excellent skin penetration rate, its effectiveness on finer and thinner hairs and its effectiveness with

white skin tones.

Laser Hair Removal - Alexandrite and Diode The side effects of Alexandrite laser hair removal includes that this laser may lead to pigment changes (darkening or lightening) of the skin and it is also not suitable for darker skin tones. Some of the popular Alexandrite Laser Devices available in the market include EpiTouch Plus, Apogee, and GentleLASE. Alexandrite lasers are considered to be fastest laser hair removal systems, however they are not recommended for any skin tone apart from very white skin tone.

Diode laser Hair Removal

The Diode Laser is an ideal treatment for hair removal for darker skin and it is less effective on finer, lighter hair. It is suitable for skin types I – III in Fitzpatrick Skin Type, however it can also be used for other skin types. The advantages of diode laser includes longer wavelength that offers best results in

dark-skinned people, deeper and safer penetration into the skin layer, and quick coverage of larger areas of body

There are few side effects of Diode laser hair removal as it leads to skin discoloration, redness, scars, burns, and swelling. It may also lead to condition known as urticaria in the treated persons. Some of the famous Diode Laser Devices available in the market includes MeDioStar, Light Sheer, SLP 100, F1 Diode, LaserLite, Epistar and Apex 800.

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