Know the Complications of Hair Transplant before Making the Final Move

Most of us would certainly agree that hairs at the right place are an asset that enhances the look of the person. Those who have it take pride in it as well. They would have elaborate hair care regime and would loose sleep when encountered with hair fall. To most of us hair fall is a scary event and none of us want to encounter one. But not all of us are fortunate enough and some of us do loose them much before the time. This does create a sense of incompleteness and people faced with this problem tend to have hair transplant to undo the damage done to their looks.

A hair transplant is a fairly known process but it is surgical process to get back the lost hair and looks. Any surgical process has its sets of disadvantages and does tertiary harm to the body. Hair loss is a natural phenomena but transplant is not rather it is contrary to what is natural. Hence there are certain precautions that need to taken and the success percentage understood before venturing in Hair transplant.

Complications of Hair Transplant Since this is a surgical procedure scaring of the donor are and around transplanted area is common though precaution are taken so that scaring is nearly invisible but given the skin type it can happen. Hyper pigmentation of the scar area is common and hence should not be exposed sunlight. Cysts and pimples do occur around the recipient area since this cosmetic procedure these cysts and pimples need to cure either by medication or a procedure. Swelling and occasional pain are common occurrence after a surgical procedure and in this case they do happen. The patient should be mentally prepared before hair transplant and certain restriction on activities is to be practiced for some days.

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