Know How To Style Them Right

While styling hair, there are some important factors that you need to remember. First, you need to understand that different hairstyles suit different face cuts. Measure you client’s face, and decide if it is oval, sqaure, round or heart shaped. Then consider the hair type. Determine whether its straight, curly,wavy or kinky. Next is the hair texture. This can be fine,medium or thick. Once you have all these prerequisites sorted, you can begin to style.

Know How To Style Them Right Here are a few do’s and donts in hairstyling of some common face shapes:

· Oval Face:  Styles that suit this shape  are short, full bobs with a fringe, angular bobs, long waves, blunt bangs etc. Avoid adding short layers on top of the head. Avoid blunt cuts for curly or thick hair. Weigh down curly hair by keeping them till the shoulder.

· Square Face: Your  concern with a sqaure face will be to play down the strong jaw. Choppy ends, curls do the work. Give long hair layers beginning at the chin. Use bangs for a softer look. Opt for slight slanted layers at the front. Dont create bobs that end at the jaw, and blunt clipped bangs are unsuitable.

· Round Face: With round faces, focus on reducing the volume. For this, you need to add length and height to the hair. Gradual, soft layers and styles ending just under the chin are good options. Tapered ends reduce the roundness. Dont create chin length styles, blunt cuts, as these add to the volume.

· Heart Face: Draw attention towards the cheekbones and eyes with brow grazing fringes and sideswept bangs. Chin length bobs work well. Keep volume at the back nape. With short hair, use soft top layers. Avoid creating styles that are very short and have choppy layers. Also,lot of height at the crown makes the chin appear narrower.

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