Kids Hair Accessories

There is a complete parallel industry for kid’s hair accessories in most countries of the world. This is because the needs of children differ greatly from adults. Children can also be more fussy and stubborn than the latter. Moreover modern children have strong likes and dislikes and are fairly well informed and knowledgeable due to the exposure they have through the media. Better spending capacity and the exposure to global brands have made kids conscious and finicky about what they wear and very particular about hair fashion and the kind of accessories to be worn in hair.

A three year old would want her hair accessories to match her dress while a slightly older child would demand lots of variety as hair decorations for different occasions as per the latest fashion. The world of children is different in terms of fashion needs and desires. Hair accessories for children come in huge variety and range. The choice hair accessories makes every child special.

Little girls like to possess matching hair accessories for all their outfits irrespective of the hair style – which is either short, long, curly or straight. There is a hair accessory for all type of hair in the children’s world. Small little barrettes, sometimes studded with stones look great on short hair. These are very sought after due to the breathtaking range of variety in terms of colour, shape and sizes in which they are available.

Hair band is the most common hair accessory for kids. A hair band is required to fasten children’s hair and keep them from getting into the eyes. Elastic hair bands called pony tail holders in numerous colours and decorations are available in the market to delight children and give them a neat and tidy appearance.

Another favorite hair accessory for children is the ubiquitous hair clip. It works like at barrette but is easier to wear. They are highly decorative and also fit at the bottom. These are also made in many designs, colours and embellished with kiddy motifs. They are also child friendly because they are not expensive and very easy to use. Metal hair clips look efficient and smart, wooden ones bio friendly and the embellished and jeweled ones elegant and beautiful.

Cloth, plastic and leather hair bands which can be easily slipped on the head are very practical and can be decorated in million ways for children. Flower designed combs and elegant hair clamps are also loved by kids and mothers because they can be clipped beneath the combs. Clips which are designed with claws hold the hair between their teeth. They are made in plastic sand metals and come in many colours, shapes and sizes.

Floral hair sticks and simple straight hair pins give the children an adult like aura. Special tiaras, veils and head scarf’s are designed and sold for children for special occasions like weddings. Multifunctional headgears are also popular with children and their care takers. So we see that the world of children’s hair accessories is much bigger than their littleness.

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