Ironing Hair – Tips

Ironing Hair - Tips

Ironing hair has the result of good, smooth hair, for sure, but it also has a result of saying a tearful goodbye to many strands of hair that are bound to fall, because of the excessive heat that your hair gets exposed to in the process of straightening or doing any kind of styling to it. Ironing hair can be less invasive and less troublesome / torturous to hair if the following tips are followed or adhered to:

  • Use hair protective spray before doing any heat treatment for hair.
  • Make sure that your hair is not brushed while it is wet or straight out of a shower
  • Use lotions for vitality of hair post blow-dry / ironing.
  • Use natural elements like eggs, honey, yogurt and more for increasing the strength of your hair, before wash. Use oil once in a way before washing hair. These are good ways to look after and maintain hair. these tips are bound to come in handy for anyone and everyone who is looking for a good guidance to better hair!
  • Ironing hair can be damaging irrespective of how much care one takes of hair post ironing, so therefore the need to be liberal in the application of hair sprays that are protective in nature from damage to hair is evident and in fact, imperative and completely a necessity!
  • There are products such as sprays or mousses that one uses post ironing for the effect to remain. Try to avoid this unless it is an occasion you are dressing up yourself and your hair for! Anything chemical is avoidable as much as one can for hair or skin! Avoid using or spraying perfumed sprays or perfume on hair as this is drying and damaging, both, to hair.

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