Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are also known as Integration. Integrations or hair extensions are done by superimposing or adding commercial hair to natural hair. These methods are ideal for camouflaging and concealing areas of hair loss and hair thinning.

Hair extensions are produced from a variety of synthetic and human fibers. Kanekalon and Toyokalon are two synthetic fibers which are popularly used for human hair extensions. However these too vary with different brands. Human hair costs more than synthetic fibers.

Synthetic hair is also available in a wider variety in terms of colour and texture, ranging from the natural to extraordinary.

Human hair is generally available in different grades and is marketed according to their ethnic source. China, India and some Asian countries are the best suppliers of unprocessed or “virgin” hair. “Remy” hair is mainly sourced from East European countries.

Hair extensions hcial hair manufacturers make use of a standard scale to distinguish the hair by its colour. A lower number on the packaged product mostly implies a darker colour; 0 being the darkest black available. However the colours vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some hair extension suppliers have also created their own signature brands and colours.

Hair extensions are available in different textures ranging from the pin-straight type to the extremely kinky or curly. Different names are given to these by brand houses. The scope of curly hair patterns done with the help of synthetic hair is immense. However some examples of common packaged hair extensions are Yaki, Wet and wavy, Deep wave, Jheri curl and Loose deep wave also called Romance wave.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the hair extension is specified by the terms ‘Virgin’ and ‘Remy’. Virgin hair means that the hair is free from any attempt at processing and colouring. ‘Virgin hair’ is available in its natural form. It is collected typing-off of the hair. This is mainly done to maintain the direction of the cuticle before cutting. The hair is then sold in bulk form, converted into wigs, pre-bonded or sewn on a weft.

The hair extension is called ‘Remy’ when only human hair is used and the strands are close together, like in one weft and are so organized that the roots point towards one direction and the tips face the opposite direction. Remy hair is considered better in quality, because they last longer than their non Remy counterparts. They also remain smooth, tangle free and shiny. This happens because (biologically speaking) each hair is keratinized skin cells placed in layers which overlap each other.

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