How to Use Diffuser for Wavy Hair

Wavy hairs are many times difficult to style, making them half curly and half straight require the use of diffuser for creating waves. All women want to look stunning, but they are not aware about the use of diffuser. Let us have a look on how to use diffuser for wavy hair:

How to Use Diffuser for Wavy Hair

· Brush your hair well before you go for a wash with shampoo, comb it well even after you wash your hairs to define the curls.

· Now blot your hairs with towel or soft cloths rather than rubbing it, as rubbing the dry hairs might twist your hairs that can cause tampering of hairs. Instead cup your hairs in the towel and gently squeeze the excessive water.

· Use the curl cream or spray and apply with your fingers. Take the hair product in your palm and apply the solution with fingertips from hair root to hair tips. Rake it backward, this will give your better waves.

· Now attach the diffuser with the blow dryer to create the waves. Plug it and flip your head upside down for the usages of diffuser. Use the diffuser in small section of your hairs; now turn the dryer on, so that your hairs can receive the blowing heat which will help you to create curls.

· Hold the diffuser steadily and do not move it as long as you are applying in on hairs. Move the diffuser from one section to another after the use. If you feel that drying process is not fast, then you can move the diffuser in a small circular motion.

· Now turn off the diffuser and flip your head back in the upward motion. You can now make your of curling iron to define the curls to get the wavy and bounce look.

I hope you all are now pretty much confident about on how to use a diffuser for wavy hair.

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