How to Straighten Wavy Hair

Straight hairs are attractive, though wavy hairs are much more appealing but many times it hard to maintain them. A sure and short wavy to get the sleek and healthy looking straight hair is to strengthen your wavy hairs. Straight hairs look better and give a shiny look which cannot be achieved in case of wavy or curly hairs. Moreover straight hairs are relatively easy to handle and the risk of damage is also less in comparison to wavy hairs. So if you are a women having curly hairs and looking forward for how to straighten wavy hairs, then here are the few tips on the techniques you can opt for removing the waves.

How to Straighten Wavy Hair Using right product to straighten wavy hairs is really important; this will help to prevent any kind damage and will save the hairs from excessive heat of straightening iron. For best results it is recommended to wash your curly hairs first with any organic shampoo, this is do the major work in straightening your curly hairs. The reason why you should go with organic shampoo is that organic conditioners contain ingredients that are gentle and will not harm your hairs. Well it is not necessary that you should only use organic ones, you can even use the simple one if you want. After shampooing let your hairs to be dry naturally, now apply protecting conditioner which is usually considered to be the best option to use on a regular basis if you are looking forward to get the straight hairs. In case if you do not use the heating conditioner then on applying the straightening iron, your hairs will split and this can also result in unhealthy looking hairs.

To apply the heating conditioner, take few drops in the palm and rub both hand and apply liberally till the root. Now you can safely blow dry your hair in a straight manner to make easy straight hairs. It is recommended not to use the straightening iron on wet hairs; this can seriously damage your hairs. Once you are finished with drying your hairs for getting the straight hairs, its now the time to make your hairs deadly straight. To get the really straight hairs and to remove the curls completely, take each section of hair bunch and start brushing each of the section and follow along with the straightening iron. Go on every section for twice and not more then that. This process of straightening your hairs will take good time to get perfect straight hairs and if you really do not want any left waves here and there.

Move the straightening iron from back of head to front; this will give the perfect straight hairs. Now brush your hair forward and part them and again straighten them directly from the front of your face. This will help you to remove the curls completely and at the end you will get the deadly straight hair look. To make sure that your hair shines, you can also make use of glossy spray as the final step.

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