How to shampoo medium hair?

Regular shampooing and conditioning is the key to those attractive, lustrous tresses of yours. Most of us are particular about shampooing our hair regularly, but unknowingly use certain methods which might be harmful for our hair in the long run.

How to shampoo medium hair?We are here to help you to remember the key points that can never be forgotten while cleaning your hair.

· Choose the composition of shampoo that is ideal for your hair. Do not go for too much alkaline based shampoos, as they can have adverse effects on your hair. You can go for hair thickening shampoos based on vitamin F, pro-vitamin B5 etc.

· Take special care in combing your hair first and get it free of all tangles.

· Wet your hair. Use cold or warm water. Remember that too hot water can be harmful for your hair. It makes it brittle and can     therefore result in hairfall.

· Take the appropriate amount of shampoo, say a quarter of your palm and rub it together.

· Apply in circular motions in your scalp, and not your hair, to remove the excess oils and dirt that have been accumulating in your scalp and making the hair strands brittle.

· Let the shampoo stay for 30 seconds.

· Wash it thoroughly until soapy water stops flowing from your hair.

· Repeat the entire process again. It can be repeated once or maximum twice. More than that is not required for medium hair.

· Again, choose a conditioner from products that are best suited for medium hair. Take a quarter palm of the conditioner and apply it in your hair.

· Let it stay for a few minutes and wash it off properly.

If you have medium hair, you can wash it once in every two days. Do not wash your hair every day. It could leave your hair dry and lifeless!

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