How to Shampoo and Care for Long Hair

If you have long hair, whether you are a man or woman, you need to take care of those long tresses.

The care for hair, especially long hair, remains in keeping the moisture locked and those manes lustrous. Of course, if you have oily hair, then you would need to balance the moisture in the hair. Hence, choosing the right hair products for your hair becomes important.

For example, if you have long, dry hair, then choose shampoo like egg shampoo and avoid shampoos which have alcohol in them since that dries out the hair further. Then again, conditioners are required to maintain the health of the hair. If you have dry, damaged hair, then you should opt for protein enriched conditioners which will heal the hair and restore the health of the hair.

For hair which is oily, use a mild shampoo which will restore the PH balance in the hair. For conditioners, ordinary conditioners may be used.

While shampooing, whatever the hair type, certain rules should be followed. Temperate water should be used, not too cold and not too hot. Once the temperature of the water is just right, then wet your hair thoroughly and apply a palm size amount of shampoo. Of course, the amount would differ as per the length of the hair. Once you have worked up a good amount of lather, work on the scalp with your fingers gently, massaging the scalp and loosening the dirt and grime which sticks to the hair strands. Once done, wash your hair thoroughly. If you are washing your hair after a long interval, you may apply shampoo twice or else, in case of regular use, once is enough. After shampooing, apply conditioner on the damp hair and leave it on for 5 minutes, then rinse it off or let it be.

How to Shampoo and Care for Long Hair How to Shampoo and Care for Long Hair

Hair should be towel dried gently, never rubbed vigorously. Also, allow your hair to dry naturally and avoid blow dry as much as possible.

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